My balloon twisting workshops were launched this week in the Essex area, but what are the benefits of attending them?
I have put together 5 reasons why you and your child should try my balloon twisting workshops!

1 – Builds children’s confidence – I know my eldest has low self esteem and I am always looking for new activities in the area to give him the confidence in social areas.
By giving children their own balloon to make their own design, this gives them the confidence boost to try something new and to not be afraid in new environments.

2 – Children learn new but fun skills – I know balloon twisting isn’t an ultimate life skill BUT it is a skill that helps with hand-eye coordination, and is learned in a fun way!
It’s not about sitting down learning how to make a balloon dog and that’s it.

It isn’t about Jelly Jade making the balloons either.
Your child has full control of twisting by themselves as the workshops are designed to be fun enough to take part and easy enough to learn.

3 – Parents make new memories alongside their child – this reason is so important to me, I really love watching my children explore new things, but I am first to admit that I do get bored if it’s something that I can’t join in with too!
So, the balloon workshops are not just for children to take part and the parents to watch.
I give you balloons too to sit alongside your child and twist balloons together!
Not only will you have so much fun, but you get to enjoy watching your child’s face as you laugh and play together, the ultimate bonding session!

4 – Your children will NOT be bored – half term usually fills me with dread as I have a list of places to go but I need to prepare for each one and make sure it fits with my children’s ways!
By the end of the first week, I usually roll my eyes to the tune of ‘I’m Bored!’ and I panic!
My balloon workshops are designed so that children don’t get bored half way through.
Once the mystery object and dog has been made by your child, they are given the freedom to make their own creations and be imaginative!
Plus, I even offer a mini magic show for the children to interact with beforehand so they have plenty to do to keep them occupied.
Yes, even my own children have not been bored by learning to twist!

5 – You get to take your creations home with you – the sessions last around 60 minutes but it doesn’t end there!
After making around 3-4 balloons, they go home with you!
Now, if your children are really careful, the balloons should last around a week so they can show them off to friends and neighbours when they get home.
Just watch their faces when you tell them your child made them!

Looking forward to twisting with you!
Jelly Jade xx

balloon twisting workshop

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