Pregnancy can be a beautiful time for some, or for others it can be a struggle but embracing your bump is one thing I never got to do!

I loved being pregnant with my eldest son, but I hated my bump the second time round as I put on a lot of weight and looked like an elephant!

But if I had known about painting my bump, I may have felt different.

As a face painter, my career has seen me paint almost every part of the body, from head to toe, but my favourite thing to do is paint a baby bump!  The beauty of it and the creations I get to design makes it very special for myself and the mum to be.

After a recent poll on my Instagram stories, 50% of women said they would have this done, and 50% said, ‘no way!’

So, to convince those who find this uncomfortable, here are 5 reasons why you should have a pregnancy bump painting –

  1. A great reason to start with is to kick start your memory keeping.  Most of us love to have a baby book to record all the dates and milestones to look back on so why not start with having a beautiful photo of your bump, before and after it has been painted!
  2. The best reason is because it gives you confidence and helps you embrace motherhood.  If you’re struggling with your pregnancy, give yourself some love and time to relax and let someone else look after your bump by having it painted with a design of your choice.
  3. Get creative and let your imagination run wild!  Whether you like a bit of gore and want something unconventional, or you love Disney and want something fluffy and cute, no idea is a crazy idea and you can show off your bump to family and friends in a unique way!
  4. Use it as an excuse to do nothing!  Some mum’s have said they find it therapeutic when I paint their bump, so sit back and enjoy being painted whilst having a cup of tea and cake!  Just try not to get crumbs on the bump!
  5. Having a lovely photo at the end of the session means you can always look back fondly of your bump after baby is born and what a lovely memory to keep to show your child as they grow up.


If you fancy getting your bump painted, get in touch with Jade for a chat about requirements or any concerns you may have.

You can view previous designs here.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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