If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch The Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network, now is the best time!

McDonald’s have currently jumped on the bandwagon offering the characters from this hilarious cartoon as part of their Happy Meal and my kids and I have been watching it for the last 3 years.

The series is about a family that consists of Mum, Nicole (a blue cat), Dad, Richard, (a pink rabbit) and their son, Gumball and adoptive son, Darwin, an orange fish!

Now, as parents, we rarely get time to sit and enjoy watching cartoons with our children, and I have recently realised my attention span for these sort of things means that I fall asleep at any given moment!

But this particular cartoon is up there as one of my top ten programmes!

It is hilariously funny, and I swear the writers write it with parents in mind!

So what can we learn from The Amazing World of Gumball?

1 – It’s OK to not be the perfect family – with the pressures of social media and society frowning upon bad parenting (whatever bad parenting actually is!), Gumball and his family show us that it’s OK to argue, it’s OK to have a lazy dad (in my case, I’m the lazy parent!) and it’s OK for Mum to go to work and let the kids work things out for themselves. With every episode, the kids get themselves into scraps but always find a way to come together to resolve it.

2 – Everyone is unique and an individual – with it’s many unusual characters (a talking balloon, anyone? An upside down face?), Gumball and his friends teach us that everyone has their own personality and it’s OK to be different, a great learning curve for our children who watch it.

3 – Honesty is the best policy – with something dangerous or death defying in every episode, Mum and Dad aren’t stupid (well, their Dad, Richard, might be!) so no matter what Gumball and Darwin get up to, they usually admit to their failures in the end, albeit they can’t hide the fact that they blew their house up, or were hiding from a giant talking dinosaur!

4 – Family is Everything – we are happy to admit that we are a dysfunctional family with my husband step Dad to our eldest, and we all have different surnames, but it doesn’t matter because we have a loving and happy home. Gumball and his family argue (as do we), they constantly ridicule each other (as do we!) and they often wonder what it would be like without one another (it may have crossed my mind!). But, the lesson here is family is everything and they learn this in every episode whilst helping each other out of scrapes and danger, even if they have caused it!

5 – It’s important to not take life too seriously – we may have a warped sense of humour, and not everyone will find it funny, but the Amazing World of Gumball is a funny take on everyday life, from shopping at the supermarket to driving on the motorway. We can absolutely relate to everything it portrays and we often sit and belly laugh watching it even when the kids are in another room!

We love this programme so much that we even named our guinea pigs after Gumball and Darwin, which is always perceived with funny looks by visitors!

It is endearing and funny and I truly recommend catching an episode or two, with or without your children, although with them would be better!

Catch the Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network, channel 602 on Sky.

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