Every weekend I entertain hundreds of children at their birthday parties, most have around 40 children attending and the more children the better!So, if I am at my best when there are lots of children screaming and running about at a party, why can’t I handle my own two adorable boys?
This is my story of how a normal half term day out went completely wrong just because I couldn’t cope with two children!We had been planning a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park for a few weeks, mostly because they hold a face painting festival in their marquee and this helps with the face painting side of our business.  A whole world of face painters gather in one place to paint each other and sell products.  With this in mind, it made for the ultimate day out, face painting for me, and the zoo for the boys!I was driving us and my friend and her little girl to the zoo, and the weather was perfect for a February day out in the outdoors, chilly but warm when the sun was on us!

As we got on to the M25, my horror begins when we begin to slow down and stop because something appeared to be on fire up ahead of us. Engines off and stuck for around 15 minutes.  In my haste, I decided to give my youngest, 3, a drink as he was thirsty.  We began to see the funny side of how eventually we would get to the zoo, and soon enough the traffic began to move and we were on our way again!
We were about twenty minutes away when 3 year old says he is desperate for the toilet!  So desperate that I could not even tell him to wait until we got to the zoo!
So, I pull over really quickly in a lay by, grab him out the car and he proceeds to do a wee, except most of it misses the pavement, and now his pants and trousers are wet, plus I fell in the mud holding him!
Before I have a chance to cry, we are back in the car now desperately looking for somewhere that sells clothes as in my stupidness this morning I did not bri

ng a change of clothes for my 3 year old who I knew would have some sort of toilet accident today!
Luckily enough, up ahead was a huge retail park with a Tescos!!!  How lucky was I?!
Eldest son, 10, now claims he needs a wee too so off we go leaving my friend and her daughter in her car and literally running around this huge tescos trying to find a pair or trousers and clean pants!  I purchase and take them both to the toilet, change 3 year old and off we go back in the car, all ready to get to the zoo!
Now, you would think that drama over would mean we could now enjoy our day and laugh about the journey later, but nope, more was to come!



                                                                Check out the face painting jam!
I could not wait to get stuck in and get painted by another professional painter, after paying our entrance fee.  Except, I couldn’t find my purse to pay!  I borrowed the money from my friend and headed back to the car where I thought I had left it.
After frantically searching for it for twenty minutes, the realization sank in that I did not have it, and after thinking when I last had it, it dawned on me that I had left it in the toilets in Tescos!
The next two hours consisted of me calling what I thought was the Tescos I had been to, waiting for them to call me back, feeding the children lunch, (who, by the way were extremely patient whilst I was flapping about!) and cancelling my cards!
Customer services did call me back, they did not have my purse.
But thank goodness for Google, because I realised I had called the wrong Tescos, (I had no idea where I was!) and I had to call them back to say please check again at the correct store!
Lo and behold, my purse was found, with everything still in there, including £100 cash I had brought for the day!

Our day at Paradise Wildlife Park could now be enjoyed, and what a drama!

Now, the moral of the story is that I really cannot cope with my own children when we are out and about!  They are perfectly well behaved children, they didn’t do anything wrong, they were not naughty and they were very patient.  It was down to me as a mum, to take hold of a situation, to concentrate on their needs and not forget my own at the same time!
I was so worried about getting to the zoo with no issues that I let it take over and thus forgetting my purse!

The point to this story is that when I am Jelly Jade and I come to your parties, I am in full control.  Your children and guests receive my full attention and I thrive on performing in front of as many children as possible.
I have learnt that I need to apply this to my own children when they are off of school,  my two boys occupy themselves but this day out with all its drama could have been avoided if I had just concentrated on the tasks in hand and not rushed around trying to sort everything out in one go!

What would have been a blog about how great Paradise Wildlife Park is, is now a post about how clumsy I am, but I learn from my mistakes and move on!
I just wanted to share this with you so you know that you are still in safe hands when it comes to  myself entertaining at your parties, I promise!

Here is us enjoying the rest of the afternoon, the animals were great, it was not very busy and the play side of it was great for them too!
I went back to Tescos to get my purse, thanked the staff so much for looking after it for me and went home to cry into my pillow!

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