With the government guidelines not overly clear, this blog is to try and understand what we can and cannot do with children’s parties during the Covid 19 pandemic.

As a children’s entertainer and a parent, it can get really confusing knowing what’s right and wrong and I am all about helping parents have stress free parties so let’s see if I can put you in the picture and make things a bit clearer.

As I write this, (2nd July 2020), the government have announced that in two days time, all pubs and restaurants can re-open with safety measures and social distance measures in place.

So of course, some people have taken it upon themselves to begin having parties again and socialising with various households and then everyone is confused and mixed messages start to appear.

However, as a member of Equity, the trade union for entertainers and as someone who has been following the news and the Gov.uk website this is what I have concluded as fact and I hope you, as a parent, will find it useful.



1 – Garden parties are allowed for up to six people, that includes me as your entertainer plus a parent to manage social distancing.  For example, if you have two children, you can invite another two from another household, myself and you.

2 – Social gathering of 30 and less are allowed ONLY for weddings/civil ceremonies and with no party allowed.  

3 – I can entertain in your home with up to 30 people ONLY if those people are from two different households, yours and one other.  I class as a service provider rather than another household.

4 – I cannot entertain for any more than this, outside of the amounts whether inside or outside.

5 – My insurance will not cover me if government guidelines are not followed.

6 – Please bear in mind that if your household or area does not comply with the Covid-19 rules and steps taken to measure safety, entertainers have the right to refuse to entertain.



So, what does this mean for Jelly Jade parties?

Well, I am offering those garden parties for up to 4 children (me, plus you plus the four children).

My one hour show includes party games, party dances and magic show all socially distanced and managed accordingly so no children are allowed to help me unless at a suitable distance.

I am also still offering virtual parties which have proven to be a big hit during lock down and for which I continue to get bookings for.

These are a great way of keeping safe yet still seeing all your child’s friends in one place.

For more information about government guidelines, please head to Gov.UK. 

I hope this is a little clearer for you and I am happy to answer questions you may have in order to keep you, your children and myself safe during these uncertain times.

Jelly Jade

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