Jelly Jade’s entertainment is for ages four years and above and I have tailored my show specifically for this age.

However, I do get booked for under 3’s too and lots of one year old parties where there are older children but to tap into my customers needs, I highly recommend a new party idea for the under four’s which is just as good as having me as an entertainer!

Sounds Right Phonics is a new franchise that incorporates phonic learning through play and I had the pleasure of experiencing a class in Woodford so I could see what it was all about.

Rachel Stein runs the Chigwell, Loughton, and Woodford classes and was very welcoming when I met her to see what Sounds Right Phonics offer but mostly to see how the classes can be incorporated into a fun party idea!

The classes themselves are for ages 5 years and under and as the children came in, I loved how they knew where to sit and what to do.  They have coloured spots to sit on with their names and they take part in a welcome sing song to get them warmed up.

It was a structured class with a particular letter that the children focused on, learning the sound it makes and words associated with it, which conveniently this week was the letter ‘J’ for Jelly Jade!sounds right phonics

Now, it is important to stress that by booking a Sounds Right party, that it won’t be exactly the same as a weekly class.

The party will have games including musical statues, dough disco, (where the children experiment with finger dancing and play dough!) and have Robot Reg who interacts with the children.  There was also a mixture of down time with reading, combined with music and movement to keep the children engaged and not distracted.

When watching Rachel at her class, it was important to see how the children respond to her and I have to say that I was very impressed with how engaging she is with the class and how the children knew what to expect before Rachel even told them.  It shows how well set out a Sounds Right Phonics class is and that it is designed to help children learn their phonics in a fun way.

This will definitely reflect in a party if you was to book one, and is ideal if you are having a party at home or in the garden.

There is no limit to the amount of children you can have at a party and it lasts up to two hours, although a class is only 45 minutes.

I love the idea of having phonics as a learning basis for a class, it helps get your child ready for school with their reading and their understanding of letters and sounds, and as a party for younger children, I wouldn’t hesitate to book Rachel and her Sounds Right Phonics party for my own children.

Rachel, Sounds Right Phonics, Chigwell, Loughton, Woodford

To enquire about a Sounds Right party, please get in touch with Rachel for her area or for other areas, choose a teacher near you.

Jelly Jade xx

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