I am determined to make your party the best one you have ever had which is why I work so hard to get it right!  I can boast about how good I am, or how many training courses I have been on, but that does not help you in your search for an entertainer!
So, if you are looking for a fun packed party with a mixture of entertainment and want your guests to leave with a huge smile on their face, keep reading!
I get most of my bookings from word of mouth, because someone has seen how crazy I am, or have attended a party that they have seen me jumping around at, or an event with one of my taster sessions!
Anything can look good on paper, or online, but why take my word for it?

I asked a number of previous customers to fill out a survey regarding their previous booking with me and here are their responses!What first attracted you to a Jelly Jade party? Recommendation from a friend, word of mouthHow did you find the booking process?  Very easy, no issues, simple

How was the communication throughout the booking?  Great, I was kept up to date all the way through, Jade responded when she could to me, all fine

How was the entertainment on the day of your party?
Great, all the kids had fun

Would you book Jelly Jade again?
Definitely and we would attend the events she goes to as well, Yes I would book again,

What was unique about a Jelly Jade party?
Jade made everyone feel special and knew how to interact with a group of hyper children!
I love how friendly Jade is which comes through in her shows
Jade is bonkers!

Would you recommend booking Jelly Jade to your friends?
Yes, because she cares about what she does and that shines through
I have passed on jade’s leaflets to friends

If there was anything you would change about the show, what would it be?
I’d love to see more of Jade’s wacky outfits!
Nothing, it’s always fresh when we see her show
A few more dance songs

Phew, nothing too bad then!
A running theme in the feedback seemed to be how I care about your children, it is so important to me to make your birthday child’s day as well as all the guests having fun!
Now just to prove even more that it’s not just me bragging about my shows, here are just some of the feedback I receive from facebook over the last year –

For the full review section, you can visit our Facebook page!
So I hope that has helped you in your decision in choosing an entertainer!
Don’t just take my word for it, in 4 years I have only ever had one bad review but even then the customer did not book me so she did not know what my show was all about!
If you would like any more information, just get in touch and thank you to everyone who has booked me so far!
​Jade xx

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