September 2014, I was taking Frozen bookings left, right and centre! 
It was coming up to my 2nd year in the party industry and I had to adapt to the market, so I teamed up with a local mascot company to offer Queen Elsa and Anna from the popular film Frozen.
  Fast forward, to September 2015, and I am fully booked most weekends, not for mascots, or even a Frozen themed party, but for my alter ego, Jelly Jade!
What a difference a year makes.
  Does this mean Frozen fans have finally moved on, or is this the calm before the storm?  By the time the second film comes out, will the hype be the same or will we all be telling them to ‘let it go?!’I assume if you are reading this that you have either been to a Frozen themed party, or had one.  I’m sure most of your little ones would have met some form of Queen Elsa along the way, and I hope it was the same version every time to keep the magic alive!
  Now, I don’t have the face or blonde hair to pull off dressing as the characters which is why I teamed up with someone, and we were in high demand most weekends.  So much so, that, Pick a Princess Appearance then added other princesses to their books and are still going strong today.  We worked well together, I would do some Jelly Jade activities or face paint and they would come along for photo opportunities and cake presentations and games etc.  I didn’t mind being pushed to one side, mid-act when ‘Elsa’ walked in!  I didn’t mind when the parents asked if I could take a photo with them with the mascots!  Honestly, I didn’t!  It worked well, and some of our best parties I will always remember being very atmospheric and watching the children’s faces when their heroes walked in, made me feel as warm as Olaf the snowman in summer!

These days though, Frozen barely gets a look in when it comes to people booking me.  We have a couple more parties that will have the mascots in November, but all my other bookings are for Jelly Jade or face painting. 
  Does this mean Frozen is finally defrosting?  Or is it still just as popular?  I believe it is becoming like all the other Disney characters and will remain a classic forever.
  Well. the latter is for definite.  It is the highest grossing Disney movie in years so of course it will always remain a classic for our generation of children.
  Party theme ideas come and go, Harry Potter parties were really popular before I began in this business and now sits in history as an all time favourite.  I have a Harry Potter themed party coming up in a couple of weeks so I cannot wait to try some new themed games for it, plus my magic show!
  In my opinion, as I said at the beginning, you have either been to a Frozen themed party or had one and there is no point then having the same thing year after year.  I know as a parent myself I am always looking for fresh ideas, for something my children haven’t seen before, and traditional party entertainers will always be the default for most parties.
  It is all so easy to look like a Disney Princess, wear a pretty dress and call yourself a copyrighted name, but it isn’t as easy to perform and entertain children, to make them laugh and wonder how I put my needle through a balloon without it popping!
  Very few local mascot entertainers got the right formula, and luckily, we believe we worked with one of the best in Essex.  It is a shame that some people ruined the magical image for children by hitting the headlines for not turning up, looking atrocious or being just plain awful!  It gave us professional entertainers a bad name, and questioned our reliability and performance by parents who weren’t sure who to trust any more for their little people’s birthdays.
  However, this is just based on our experience.  We had the best year in 2014 meeting our customers needs and having so much fun fitting in with their ideas.  We loved the challenge of creating Frozen themed faces, and performing themed games. 
  Nowadays, when I play Let It Go, I here a mild groan from the parents and even the children at my last party, screamed at me to turn it off!!  So I listened to them and played ‘Cheerleader’ instead!
Frozen fever may be out but it is definitely not forgotten and is now in the hall of fame for Disney as one party theme that will never get old as new generations watch the movie, same as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty.  The same as superheroes for the boys.  They will always be loved and will always be around.  It is just nice to have a break once in a while from hearing the same song at every party!

(This blog post is not associated with Disney, Frozen or any other trademark mentioned here.  This is purely based on opinion, experience and knowledge as of 17/09/15)

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