To kick start your 2017, why not get super organised for your child’s birthday party!
In the next four weeks, I will be showcasing How to Have a Stress Free Party by booking your entertainment early and why!– Find out why entertainers stress to book them before you book your venue
-How you can have the best entertainer without going over your budget
-Why we don’t recommend leaving it to the last minute to book
-Why my customers keep booking me over and over againand much more!

The point of these blogs is to give you the inside knowledge so that you can have the best entertainment for your child’s party without being stressed out!
Your guests will wonder how you managed to be so organised and have the best entertainment at the same time!

A a mum myself, I love to watch my boys at thir birthday parties and most importantly, making memories with them.
I make it easier for you to do this too by taking away the worry of all those children running about in a big hall!
I have put together a brand new package that will help parents get the most out of my entertainment and super value for money!
If you would like a copy, email me at
and I can send it to you.

Here are the other blog posts in the series which I hope you will find beneficial!

-How to Keep the cost of your party low
-10 Advantages of booking my most popular package
-How my entertainment has helped my regular customers


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