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How to Make the Most of Your Garden Party This Summer

How to make the most of your garden party this summer.

I love nothing more than entertaining in the summer, with the smell of cut grass, and soaking up the sun whilst having fun!

I am always so grateful when you invite me into your home to keep the children occupied, but sometimes when I arrive I am not always prepared for how your party will work.

In the past, I have been greeted with the smallest of gardens, with no room to manoeuvre and even less room for the children to enjoy themselves.

I have also had to combat with the good old British weather as well as garden equipment and a better playroom than I could ever contend with!

You have paid good money to book me so I really want you to make the most of having Jelly Jade at your garden party so here are some tips to make the most of your next one:

Prepare for all weathers

The British weather lives up to our expectations and is always so unpredictable.

When you pay your deposit with me, it is usually with the intention that you’re going to have a boiling hot day and nothing will spoil that.

Except, nearer the time, you realise that we are in a wet spell and it isn’t looking too good for your garden party plans.

I still turn up regardless of rain, snow, or heatwaves so it is essential that you don’t cancel your party but prepare for all weathers.

If it is due to rain, have a marquee/gazebo planned.

Have an idea of where my equipment can be put undercover or indoors without being affected.

If it is a heatwave, make sure there is some shade or cover not only for my equipment but for your guests too.

If you are inviting lots of children make sure there is room in your house if we have to make a mad dash inside from the downpours!

If you have a back up plan, then your garden party will still go without a hitch.

Make sure your garden is big enough

If you are lucky enough to have any sort of garden to have a party in, then it is a great way to save money and not have to book a venue.

However, there have been a few occasions that stand out for me where I have turned up with all my equipment and by the time I set it up, there has just been no room whatsoever for the children to have fun!

I have been squashed into a corner, set up on brickwork, and even had to not have my magic box out because there was no room for it!

Bear in mind when planning your garden party that once I have set up, there should be room for the amount of kids you have invited to have a boogie at arms length.

Once you invite the children, parents usually like to stay too so make sure you have some room for them to watch.

Space then becomes extremely limited even if you think you have a big garden!

This also goes for your home.

I am there purely to make sure the children are entertained but we made need to go into your home for certain activities so make sure your house can accommodate for this.

Remove distractions!

There is nothing disheartening to a children’s entertainer when they turn up to entertain for your guests to find they are competing with a trampoline/swings/Wendy house/inflatable/soft play ,etc!

With garden parties, you have to be aware that if you have the biggest slide or tree-house, that no amount of entertainment is going to distract them from the awesome play equipment your house has!

If you physically cannot remove such items, attempt to block them off in some way to stop the children from playing on them for an hour or so.

Harder than it sounds but most parents achieve this when I ask them.

After all, you’re paying all that money for me to entertain your guests when you find all the children want to do is run around and play on your garden toys.

After I have finished, they can have their free time after which stops them from running around your house!

I will happily face paint if such distractions occur instead but I have the right to refuse to entertain if I feel I am spending most of my efforts getting the children to sit and watch my show, which isn’t usually an issue.

With these ideas in mind, I would love to entertain or face paint at your next garden party because I love nothing more than being in the sunshine and helping you make memories with your friends and family.

Enquire today for a free quote and to check my availability.

Thanks for reading!

Jelly Jade xx

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