For the first time ever, Kidtropolis was launched and it looked to have so much potential!
Because of this, I wanted to be a part of it and I am so glad I was.
Jelly Jade was face painting and entertaining over the three days and as the doors opened on the Tuesday, I knew it was going to be an exhausting few days.
Each day was split into a morning session and an afternoon session as based on the organisers getting feedback from parents and previous events.
However, as the hours went on, what seemed an initially good idea turned into something that needed to be changed.
Four hours just wasn’t enough to explore the amazing things that were happening here, partly because people were queueing for more than 2 hours on certain activities.  This then left only a couple of hours to do the rest of the activities and even then there were queues for them too.
I had a constant line on day one, face painting for 8 hours with a ten minute break in the middle whilst the sessions changed over!
Despite this, I found the children well behaved and waiting patiently for me to paint them and parents were in good spirits.
Over on social media, however, it was a different story with complaints coming in about the event, mostly about the queueing!
The organisers took it all on board and quickly changed tactics.
Day two began with a meeting among the exhibitors and organisers which I was impressed with, and it meant they were taking the complaints seriously.  I did notice a huge improvement in queue management over the next two days and a calmer environment.
I was entertaining the queue for the My Little Pony bus with magic and balloons which was so much fun and I was so happy to see some of my regular customers come by to say hello!
On day three, my two boys had tickets for the afternoon session which meant I could view the event from a parents point of view.  My youngest is the type of child who is happy to explore anything that is put in front of him so he was happy playing in the Playmobil tent for ages and the Wow toys tent!
My eldest is a huge Youtube fan but did not get a chance to explore this part.  After queueuing for half hour, he did manage to spend 15 minutes in the gaming bus which he loved and the VR head sets by Google which was brilliant!  My youngest also got to enjoy an inflatable helter skelter and play in the play doh section!
I didn’t get to see them that much as face painting was still busy, but I would definetely take them again.  From what I saw over the three days, yes it was very busy and something the organisers need to manage better, BUT what was on offer was worth queueing for and the kids were kept entertained throughout.
There were lots of mascots including characters from Paw Patrol and Transformers to keep the children interested and a huge stage with regular performances throughout the day.
As a first event, there were a lot of things that needed improving which I am sure the organisers are fully aware of.
Those parents that I met over the three days were so complimentary towards me and I have had several bookings from the event so it was worth my while. Unfortunately I had a few disgruntled parents who I had to turn away as there just was not enough time to face paint their child but again this can be rectified if the organisers decide not to do two sessions next time.
I look forward to attending in the future as a mum and I certainly enjoyed my time as a stallholder.

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