It is very rare for me to be a guest at someone else’s birthday party but it does happen occasionally and at the beginning of January, I attended a 1st birthday party by my good friends, Shawn and Jade.

Hayden turned 1 years old, and in my line of work, I do entertain at a lot of first birthday parties, despite my entertainment being for ages 4 and above.

These parties are becoming more and more popular, a celebration of your baby’s first year, and the bigger the better!

Some would question if there is a point to 1 year old birthday parties, because, of course, the child will never remember it!

However, I believe at this age, it is not just about the child enjoying themselves, but for the whole family to come together and celebrate a year of milestones, watching your baby grow and making memories that you can all look back on.

This brings me to the point of themes.

I have entertained at 1st birthday parties that have had circus themes, Disney, jungle and princesses.

So, is it a good idea to have a themed 1st birthday party?

Or is it just a waste of time and money.

Hayden’s mum and dad kindly answered my questions after I attended their Toy Story themed party, as I wondered if it was all worth it?

toy story themed party

1 – Why did you want to plan a party for your 1 year old?
We wanted to have a 1st year birthday party to bring our family and friends together to celebrate Hayden turning one and even better, it fell on his actual birthday!
2 – Why did you settle on a Toy Story theme?
We wanted to chose something with a Disney theme and Toy Story seemed to have more options to it and Hayden has watched the film’s.
3 – How long did it take to plan?
We were planning for four months, on and off, as we have a busy social lives and we both work.
4 – What was the best bit of the planning?
The best bit was it being over!
However, we had fun finding all the items. Most were found at car boot sales or online and from charity shops. We, of course, loved making the props.
toy story themed party idea
5 – Was there anything you didn’t enjoy making?
Preparing the food, it was such a rush in the morning!
The chocolate fountain played up, and we definitely made too much food!
toy story themed food
6 – Would you change anything?
Setting up was manic, so we would ask for extra hands next time.
7 – Do you have plans for Hayden’s 2nd birthday yet?
As yet, we have no plans for a 2nd birthday party, we are happy to wait until he is a little older!
As a guest, walking into a Toy Story themed party and seeing how much effort went into it, was an absolute thrill!
  We all received a choice of a Sheriff badge, (team Woody!) or a Space ranger, (team Buzz Lightyear!) and looking around the room I noticed all the handmade items – an etch-a-sketch selfie frame, building blocks, and best of all, a real life ‘claw,’ literally hanging from the ceiling above the mini ball pit!
  Guests had an opportunity to dress up as characters, (of course, I joined in a Jess the cowgirl!) and our party bags had themed toys in.
  Everything had been well thought through, and despite the stress that Shawn and Jade went through to get it set up and made, as a guest it was really worth it!
Hayden and Jelly jade
As a parent, I wouldn’t have the time to go into so much detail for a one year old.  We just invited round friends and family for a garden BBQ!
  But if you would like to give your guests the WOW factor like Hayden’s party did, then having a theme is such a good idea!
  Toy story definitely represented the whole family, (I know them through their love of cosplay and Disney) so although this was Hayden’s first party, it was a reflection on what they love and having that personal touch made it that extra special.

A huge thank you to Shawn and Jade for letting me share their awesome party, for Hayden for being the coolest one year I know and their friend, Donald Manning, for the photos.

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