With party season in full swing, I feel the basis for any party planning is to start with a theme!

That way you can work around all your decorations and items that will really make your child’s party stand out.

As a children’s entertainer, I see so many different themes when I turn up so I thought I would give you an idea and some inspiration as to what is hot on the market right now!


This being my ultimate theme (even as a 35 year old woman!), the market is flooded with unicorn ideas so you definitely won’t be struggling to find things to match this.  With unicorn balloons, rainbow tablecloths, My Little Pony and tableware, this theme is one that isn’t looking likely to die out any time soon.


Kids will always love superheroes and with the new Avengers Assemble movie hitting the cinema, this trend is set to be at many future parties in 2018!  You can go old school with Batman and Superman or keep it Marvel with Spiderman, Captain America or Iron Man!  This will also help if you are looking for a mascot to attend your party and I particularly love playing the songs Superman, and Do You Want to Be a Superhero to match your theme!


I am ashamed to say I haven’t seen this film yet, (don’t worry, it’s on my list!) but with summer approaching, I have a few parties booked in that have a Moana theme!  So cue the soundtrack and think Hawaiian!


Everyone loves a Minion and I am sure they will always pop up at future parties for years to come!  There are plenty of Minion ideas out there to help with your decor and maybe a cheeky Minion mascot could make an appearance!


Again, I am a bit behind with this as I have never watched it, (and neither have my children) but if you hit the party shops, it is definitely on trend and with easy access to tableware, balloons, banners, etc, PJ Masks is a sure fire hit with the under 5’s!


A particular favourite of mine because Poppy the Troll is a hero of mine!  I would easily fit in with your theme with my rainbow tutu and pink hair!  The soundtrack is upbeat and fun and if you dig deep enough, you can still find the decor to match your trolls theme.


Girls will never be too old for a princess theme and with classic versions such as Snow White, Cinderella and Belle to more modern heroes such as Elsa, Rapunzel and Moana, a princess party will always be an option!

I am not one to fit in with what is popular, however.

I always like to stand out from the crowd and this includes doing things differently for my own kids parties, and this year, my son will turn 6 and he would like a Doctor Who themed party….can I find anything to match this theme?

Not even a rocket ship!  It is so off trend right now but it will be back once the new series starts!

But that’s the challenge I face this year!

If you like a challenge, then ask your child what themes they would like to go with, otherwise use the above for some inspiration and to kickstart your party planning ideas!

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Jelly Jade xx

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