It has been one whole year today since I attempted a Guinness World Record on behalf of The Mitchell Huth Memorial Fund, we wanted to break the record for Most People Dressed as Superheroes.
Our concept was great and so was the event itself, however we only hit a small target of footfall and was very disappointed.  It boiled down to a number of things including venue choice, area, weather and not enough time to advertise!
The people that came to support were amazing, we had 70 children and adults take part and all dressed up and spent the afternoon on the field to explore our activities.
However, the backlash from stallholders was the worst I have ever experienced, it included threats down the phone and even shouting to my face which was not pleasant!
I apologised to them on the day as well as in an email, I offered them a free pitch at my next event and I cried for two weeks because I felt like I had let the charity down!
I had hit my lowest point in business.

I could have quit right there on the spot and gone back to a retail job where I could have  a manager and do a nice normal career.

Or I could have picked myself back up and learnt from my mistakes.
Which is exactly what I did!

I ignored the negativity, it is so easy to give in to it on social media.  I wrote a list of all the things I could improve on for next time and this year has seen a massive turn around in my business because of it!

I did not quit because I did not want to.
I did not quit because I knew there were people and customers out there who loved what I did and supported me.
I did not quit because I knew that one failure was not enough to stop me.
I did not quit because it was not as bad as everyone had made out, so I listened to their concerns and changed what I had to in order to save my event business.
I did not quit because successful people never do!

I had to have this experience to teach me a thing or two.  Without it, I would not have grown.  I would not be able to improve on the experience and be the business I am today.

Whenever anything negative comes along, which it always will, it is how we deal with it that people will see and be willing to support you.  If I threw my toys out of the pram every time something failed, I would not be able to progress!

So failure did come along and hit me where it hurt, but I am glad it did.
The reason you are reading this today is because you support me whether it is in a bad way or a good way and hopefully you will take something from this.
Learn from our mistakes, be positive even when things get too tough and remember – JK Rowling was turned down 14 times before someone believed in her stories!

Jade xxx

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