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What To do When No One RSVP’s To Your Invite

You and your child have sat and put a list of names together for your upcoming birthday party, spent time writing out your gorgeous invitations and managed to hand them out in the school playground, all ready for the replies to come flooding in.

Except, you have had two responses to your invite and that’s it!

It’s a tricky thing in this day and age to have a party that everyone can come to.

We are all so busy running the children to this club and that club, to and from school, making dinners and brushing teeth that there is no time to respond to the invite and that’s when you find it at the bottom of your child’s school bag!

I know it’s frustrating but there are ways around getting responses and knowing the numbers you need in order to finalise your party plans.

Do give people a friendly reminder.

We don’t want to come across as annoying, desperate or bothering people but for your own sake, don’t be afraid to remind people to respond to you!

I know it’s an extra thing to put on your list but a quick text or WhatsApp message, especially in a group chat will put your mind at rest.

Sometimes, Mum’s get distracted, or forget, or didn’t even know about the invite so give them a second chance and just give them a prompt to see if they can make it or not.

Do send out invitations with plenty of notice but not too far away!

I recommend sending your invites out a maximum of four weeks before the event.

This way there is still plenty of time for people not to have much planned but also not too in advance that they’ll put the invite down and do it another time.

Send out a virtual invite instead.

Ideal for WhatsApp groups where all the parents are in one place, you just add the invited parents to the group, send a Jpeg version of your invite and this will make it even easier for everyone to remember to get back to you.  Especially if everyone is messaging in one go, or someone says they can’t make it, this usually prompts another parent to get back to you.

Now you have tried all these tips and still no one gets back to you so what do you do when you have paid for a party entertainer and need to know numbers for party bags and food?

Firstly, don’t panic!

When I message my customers the week before their party, I ask for numbers so that I can start making preparations and usually, Mum has a rough idea of how many are turning up.

However, this is usually followed by “not everyone has got back to me” and so I make allowances for this, and so should you.


If you stick to ordering in pizzas, for instance, for your party food, at least on the day you can order this once most of your guests have arrived so you’re only paying for who is there.

If you are pre -making food such as a buffet, account for at least 3 or 4 more children.  I have never been to a party where they have run out of food so over making is a common thing, don’t go too crazy though!

Party Bags.

In terms of party bags, keep it simple and over order a few again so you have a back up in case siblings would like one.

You can always hand these out at school if you have done too many so they don’t go to waste.

I know it’s a headache and I am sure you have forgotten to reply, even the most organised person like me gets it wrong sometimes so don’t be hard on others or yourself.  Just do some chasing, and keep things simple.

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