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Birthday Party Hacks – For Parents Who Want A Stress Free Party

Birthday parties can be a wonderful way to make memories and celebrate those milestones with your children.

I know it can get stressful sometimes when it comes to planning your child’s birthday party so to make life easier, I want to share with you some birthday party hacks.

I have either used these at my own children’s parties or seen other parents do them when I entertain and wish that more parents knew about them!

Birthday party hack, number 1: Make your party decorations yourself.

Yes it might take up a few more evenings in front of the TV, but it will save you money and make your party more personalised.

From classic paper chains that your child can make with you to big banners that you can pop handprints on!

Get creative and your guests will fully appreciate the effort you put in.

Birthday party hack, number 2: Create your own photo backdrop

Now you don’t have to make your own one but you can easily create a photo backdrop area to give your guests something to do in between food and before they go home plus it’s a great way to keep those memories.

I have purchased a simple backdrop from the shops and added some masks, balloons, paper stars etc to make it more funky and ta-dah, you have saved money again!

Birthday party hack, number 3: Have party food boxes

We do this for our own kid’s parties, purchasing colourful food boxes so that there is one per child and that way you can control the amount of food you need without it going to waste.

We put in a packet of crisps, box of raisins, a banana, iced gems, cheese, packet of sweets and anything else that comes in a packet including a carton of juice and if your guests don’t finish their food on the day, they can take it home with them.

Birthday party hack, number 4: Have matches to hand!

It may sound obvious but the one thing I see parents forget all the time is something to light the birthday candles with!

I have a checklist with lots of things to remember on the day which you can grab in my Essential Children’s Birthday Party Guide.

Birthday party hack, number 5: Make a digital invite

It’s even easier these days to invite your child’s friends to their party.

Although paper invites are always fun to receive, if you are looking for a less expensive way to invite their friends, a WhatsApp group with the digital copy of your invite works just as well and will be a constant reminder to those in the group to actually RSVP you.

That way the invite won’t get lost at the bottom of school bags or tucked away in a drawer forgotten about.

Another idea is to set up a private Facebook event page and invite the parents on to it but you do have to add them as a friend in order to do this.

Birthday party hack, number 6: Make your own party favours

An activity pack including crayons and personalised colouring sheets are a fun way of saying thank you to your guests for coming.

It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate, there are free colouring sheets online that you can add your child’s name too and the pound shop offer packs of crayons or you can get some funky ones from Funky Scribblers that can match your theme.

Birthday party hack, number 7: Wait until your child is four years old to throw a big party

I know as a parent myself that it’s exciting when they reach their age milestones but as an entertainer, I advise that if you want to throw a big party wait until they are at least four years or have started school.  This is because parties are expensive but if they are at school they will have plenty of friends to invite and you won’t be paying per child.  They will also have a better attention span to really appreciate the games and magic and they will also always remember it.

Birthday party hack, number 8:  Book your entertainer before your venue

The first thing most parents do when it comes to planning their child’s party is to book a hall and then fill it with entertainment.  However, there are very few good entertainers out there and they get booked up super quick, including Jelly Jade!

There are lots of halls around that your entertainer can even help with once you have booked them first and they can also help you with the best ways in which your party will work.

Birthday party hack, number 9:  Stick to the time slots your entertainer recommends

I always recommend 11-1pm time slot which not only gets your party out the way but sits nicely for lunch, or 3-5pm which is just in time for tea and the children won’t be too tired just yet.

If you have a party at 2-4pm then this is right in the middle of the day so not only is it difficult for your entertainer to book in another party, but it’s just after lunch time and way before dinner time so the children may be hyper or lacking in energy!

Birthday party hack, number 10: booking an entertainer is enough

It’s so easy to get carried away, you have booked an entertainer but you also would like a mascot because you want to fill time and a soft play area because you don’t want children to be bored but I promise, your entertainer will be enough to fill the two hours.  I have a 45 minute section of party games before we break for food then a comedy magic show, balloon modelling and mini disco, right up until the end so there is no time for anything else.  This saves you money in the long run and you get excellent value for money out of me!

I hope this has helped give you some ideas for your next party, it doesn’t have to be stressful and can even be enjoyable in places but don’t forget it’s all about celebrating your child’s milestones and making memories with those who are important to you.

For more party planning tips, tricks and hacks, purchase my Essential Children’s Birthday Party Guide today.

If you would like to check my availability for your next party, get in touch today.

Jelly Jade xx

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