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Face Painters Don’t Paint For Free – How to Use Our Service For Your Benefit and Ours.

Face painters can be a huge attraction at any event and if you’re a parent you will know that the queues for this can be over an hour long at times!

Children just love to be painted, to be given a magical moment to feel special and to show off how awesome they look once it’s complete.

Parents just love to watch their child’s face as they get transformed into something gorgeous and face painting makes for great childhood memories.

Because of this, the face painting industry is a growing market with hundreds of face painters all over the UK which is very exciting for our industry.

But with this, comes fundraisers, event organisers and hosts thinking that having a face painter is a cheap and cheerful way of boosting their own event.

I know this because I use to be an event organiser and fundraiser, and was taught how to get freebies and not pay for a thing.

However, I also learned the other side to this and as a face painter it was and still is frustrating to receive an enquiry asking if I am available to paint for free at an event.

Most of these people that get in touch with me, don’t know who I am, they don’t know my business and they really don’t care about me.

Why do I say this?

Because they don’t take the time to get to know me and know that Party with Jelly Jade is a fully grown business that pays my bills and is my full time job.

All they care about is finding someone to paint at their event as they know this will attract people in.

But Jade, isn’t it great that so many people ask you to paint for free?

Think of the exposure!!!

Argh, that’s just the problem, I don’t need the exposure.

Exposure doesn’t pay for my food, for my kids clothes or for the roof over my head.

Neither do I need to look good to get customers.

It sounds really boastful of me to say this but I have actually ‘exposed’ myself by building relationships with my customers, offering them the best service that I can and helping them with their party needs.

Now, if you are thinking of having a face painter at your next event, whether it’s to raise money for charity or you have lack of funds, here are some ways you can use a face painter so that both of you benefit from face painting:

1 – Ask how much your face painter charges, explain that you are hosting a charity event and that if the charity is close to their heart would they consider coming to paint?

2 – Ask what their charity rates are?  Most painters have these and will use them for charities that they want to be associated with.

3 – If you can’t afford to pay your face painter, why not look for a sponsor?  They can pay to have a face painter for you and in return you offer their brand on your marketing materials with special mentions throughout the event?

4 – Offer a pitch fee, this can be a set fee such as £30 and the painter gets to charge the public per face and keep the funds.  Alternatively, your painter can charge the public and give you an agreed percentage at the end of the event.

5 – Pay your face painter their usual fee, and charge the public per face, you then get to replenish the fees you spent on your painter and maybe even make a little bit of a profit on top.

6 – If none of these work for you, find a face painter that has just started out, they will be happy to get some practise in, in return for you advertising their services, this is how I started out and this is how I grew to feel confident in then charging as I got better.

But I went to an event, and the face painter didn’t even bother turning up, why should we bother paying you?

Well, this is what happens when you DON’T offer to pay someone.

They may have a paid job come in, they may prefer to stay in bed, because I know I wouldn’t get out of my warm bed to paint for free.  I would say during the summer, I get at least 10 – 15 phone calls on a weekend asking if I can cover an event as a painter has pulled out.  But if you had booked and paid for my services in the first place, then you would have someone reliable and brilliant at what they do which will look super good on you!

The point of this blog is to get our profession and industry to be taken seriously.

Face painting has grown tremendously in the last decade with amazing designs and painters out there worthy of paying for.

We have our kit, insurance, training, travel and time to lay out for before you even start to enquire with us so please bear this in mind next time you need a face painter for your event.

If this has opened your eyes to our industry, please share it with others who may not realise what it takes to host an event that requires a face painter.

Need an experienced face painter for your party?

I would love to help, get in touch today to check my availability.

Jade xx

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