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How to book a good children’s entertainer in Essex.

When choosing to book a good children’s entertainer in Essex, there is a minefield of information out there and it is hard to know who is the best fit for us and who isn’t!

As a mum myself, I know how hard it is to make sure we have the best for our children without stretching our budgets, and relying on other people to guide us with our choices.

But when it comes to a children’s entertainer, what do you need to look out for when choosing to book one?

Jelly Jade, children’s entertainer in Essex, is here to guide you with my expertise in the party industry which will hopefully give you some guidance in choosing the right person for you!


I know I am not the right fit for every parent but what I believe in is having the right connection when you contact me to book a good children’s entertainer.

Do you like how I come across?  Do I see you as another number or do I really care about your party?  Will the birthday child like me?

Do my values match with yours?

All these questions should be considered when you are thinking about choosing your entertainer..

My philosophy in my business is to give you the best customer service, let children be themselves and have an all inclusive stance when it comes to your guests.

It isn’t about me, it is about you and your child having the best party ever and if I couldn’t offer this to you, then I wouldn’t expect you to book me.


I understand you have a budget for your children’s entertainer and if you really cannot stretch passed this, then don’t do it!

But, if I am truly the best fit for your upcoming party and you understand that value for money matters and you care how that comes across to your guests, then sometimes budget does go out the window!

Especially when it comes to our children, we only want the best for them so if it means having a trusted and reliable entertainer for a few extra pennies, than a cheap entertainer who may not show up, I know which one I would go out of my way for.


It seems that anyone and everyone are becoming entertainers and face painters and mascots these days!  But how can you sort out the good children’s entertainer in Essex from the bad?

Just ask those who have done this before!

Who do your friends and family recommend?  Who have they seen at parties?  Ask around and ALWAYS check their reviews and testimonials.  Even if they have a bad review, just check to see how the entertainer responded.  Did they give a bad response?  Or are you satisfied that they handled it professionally?  Sometimes bad reviews can help you decide whether to book depending on how the business handles it.


There is nothing worse than when I receive a phone call of a weekend saying that they have been let down and if I am available in an hour!

How someone can let down eagerly awaiting and excited children baffles me so reliability for me, is a huge factor when choosing an entertainer.

Of course, things can’t be helped.  I have been late on the odd occasion, or been ill unexpectedly although never have I cancelled a party because of this.

How can you tell if someone is reliable or not?

Read their terms and conditions!  If they have covered things like cancellations from both sides, extreme weather, accidents, bereavements, etc then you know they are reliable and if something happens then you are both covered.

I, personally, would never leave someone in the lurch and would always find a replacement before I cancelled.


A bug bear of mine in this industry is not having a strong and stand out website.  To me, a website can show an entertainers quality just by how neat and professional it looks!

That’s why recently I have had mine re-done by a professional so that it represents how I am as an entertainer making it easy to navigate, showing you exactly what Jelly Jade offers, and with updates once a week to keep it fresh!

This then comes across with my entertainment, where I am always looking for fresh and unique ideas to keep your guests entertained with no stress!


How can you tell if an entertainer is good value for money?

Well, personally for Jelly Jade, I offer free party planning advice, sharing my expertise with you and then on the day of your party, I am a tamer of all that party chaos!

With lots of children at a party, it is inevitable that once one starts running around, they all will and this is a parent’s worst nightmare!

It is my duty to take control so you don’t have to and here lies the beauty in the value.

Much of my feedback says how well I controlled the children and that they don’t know how I did it, taking the stress away of having to occupy over 30 kids!

That is a sign of a GOOD entertainer.

To sum up, you need to be looking out for these points to ensure you have a good entertainer –

  • They should care about YOU
  • Believe in the value of money, are they offering you a fee within your budget for the sake of it?
  • Read recommendations and hear from feedback, how do they handle any negativity?
  • Are they reliable?  Do they have detailed terms and conditions to cover any set backs?
  • A professional and updated website
  • Regular posting on social media to keep you updated and to reassure you
  • What do they offer for their price?  Do they have a breakdown of costs?  Do they have hidden costs?

For a reliable and trusted children’s entertainer in Essex, choose Jelly Jade today.

Get in touch here.

Jelly Jade xx


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