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What Every Children’s Entertainer Wants You to Know

Children’s entertainers really want your child to have the best birthday party ever.

But we also want parents to have a stress free time planning the party.

The best person to get tips and advice from is the entertainer that you book because they are the professionals who week in, week out, witness first hand what works and what doesn’t.

With this in mind, I set about asking my fellow peers across the UK what they wish parents knew when it came to children’s entertainment so that everyone can enjoy the process.

Here’s just some of the amazing tips and tricks they were willing to share to you:

Annie Louise – Ask your entertainer if they’re giving out activity sheets or prizes / gifts so that parents can try to cut back on what they might like to provide – Annie’s Princess Palace Parties.

Ed Sumner – When planning entertainment for events with a wide age range, such as christenings or family gatherings, selecting an approach that captivates everyone can make the occasion even more special.

While the idea of a show specifically for children is popular, offering magic that everyone can enjoy together is often a better approach for this type of celebration.  – Edsumner.com

Samantha Searle – You only really need one type of entertainment, for example if you have booked a bouncy castle, you don’t need an entertainer and vice versa – Boogie Tots

Steve Bears Bouncy castles can be a nightmare and major distraction for an entertainer. You may lose lots of the kids to the castle, which may hinder your show.

Either don’t book a castle or deflate it whilst the entertainer is performing – kidsdj.co.uk

Janina Vigurs – Give yourself a break and don’t put balloons all over the floor. Balloons are great for decoration but not to play with. Leave that to us! Also, children eat way less than you think they will. Cut down on food waste (and cost) by making little lunch boxes for each child instead of platters of sandwiches that don’t get touched.

Adrian Relph – Parents standing around the entertainment chatting loudly distracts the children and they lose focus which also spoils the show. Talk to your entertainer. Communication is priceless. I once did a show and they’d booked a band that seemed to object to the fact they weren’t the only act and they would do a few minutes, stop and then it was my turn. I’d get half way through a segment and then the band would strike up again and way too loud to be able to carry on. All I could do was make balloons and wait until I could carry on until interrupted again. 🤯Bo Bobins

Lisa Taylor-Costin  if you have a bouncy castle book a face painter on the side, not an entertainer who will have difficulty competing with a castle. – Little Poppets face Painting

Craig Newton – Craig has even more top tips on his website to check out, here’s his top 5 so far:

  1. Don’t forget to bring a lighter to light the candles!
  2. Don’t forget to put out a table for the presents, there will be alot! (hopefully)
  3. Bring forget to bring some bags to put the presents in to carry them home!.
  4. DONT, let the birthday person open the presents until you get home, it will be carnage and things will get lost.
  5. DONT buy party blowers, they seem such a good idea, but when you have up to 30 kids all blowing at the same time, you’ll regret it 😉

Julie Carpenter Talking Adults, there is no easy way to say it. Adults who chat will ruin your party. If adults want to stay during the party, they have to keep quiet, plus wandering toddlers, yes they are cute but they are also disruptive and impossible to keep still. It only takes one small toddler running around the room to ruin your party.

I hope you’ve gained some insights here from an entertainers perspective, it’s helpful all around to you as the party planner and your guests as the attendees, so that you can have a stress free party that everyone can enjoy, including the grown ups!

A big thank you to all the contributed to this blog!

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