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Why Some Face Painters Don’t Paint Children Under 3 Years Old

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Children all over the world love to have their face painted but did you know that some face painters, including Jelly Jade don’t paint children under the age of three years old?

There are so many reasons why I personally don’t, and although there is no law against it, it is important to know your face painting facts before you get your child’s face painted.

Why don’t I paint under three’s?

  1. Firstly, children aged two years and below have sensitive skin, it hasn’t fully developed still and by putting on unknown products on to the skin, it could be setting the skin up for an allergic reaction.  Of course, it’s always great to build up a child’s immune system but starting face painting at a really young age may not damage their skin at first, but could do in the future.
  2. Face paints although FDA approved doesn’t make them safe.  The Food and Drugs agency tests products to make sure the product has less risk when using it and this includes face paints.  However, they do not test on children under the age of three which means there is some risk that the paints could cause an allergic reaction.  If in doubt, wait until your child at least turns three and always make sure your face painter is using professional face paints and not craft or art paints.
  3. Really young children are extremely wriggly!  I don’t like to paint children that can’t keep still because it usually means they really don’t want it or they have no idea what’s happening.  Plus it makes my life harder to try and paint my amazing designs on to a child that just won’t keep still.  Very stressful for everyone!
  4. I won’t paint any child that cannot tell me what they would like.  I have seen (quite often!) a parent putting their young baby or child on my chair and tell me they would like a butterfly.  Only for the child to either cry or look very scared!  Regardless if they have had their faces painted before or not, I only paint children that can freely tell me what they would like painted on them.
  5. Sometimes I can’t always judge a child’s age and of course, it isn’t nice turning someone away.  If I am really not sure, and the child seems to be relaxed with me, then I will offer an arm paint instead.  This will also act as a skin test to see if their is a potential allergic reaction.

This blog post isn’t here to scare you or to make you think I don’t want to paint your children!

It’s purely to educate parents on why face painting can be a risk to your child and to make you think before you book a face painter.

It is, of course, extremely rare that a reaction occurs, and if it doesn’t it’s usually because the wrong paints are used or the paint is taken off incorrectly.

I also find its us as parents that want to get our children painted because it is so exciting to see their little faces beam when they look in the mirror, but if your child has not turned three just yet, please be a little more patient and wait until the time is right so that the experience is a magic one and not a tragic one.

I offer face painting parties on it’s own or alongside entertainment, you can view my packages here.

Love and Rainbows

Jelly Jade x


2 thoughts on “Why Some Face Painters Don’t Paint Children Under 3 Years Old”

  1. Thank you for this article. It has some really good points especially the one about a child being able to communicate what they want. I will definitely wait until my little one is a bit older before getting her face painted.

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