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Joint Birthday Parties – How to Make The Most of Teaming Up

Joint birthday parties are under rated!

My mission statement is all about giving parents a stress free party and one of the best ways to do this is for you to team up with another parent from your child’s class for their next birthday party.

Whether your child has just started school, or if they are now in Juniors, having a joint birthday party with someone who shares a birthday in the same month can be an entertainer’s best kept secret!

Not only do you cut the stress in half but it is also a huge money saver too!
Here is how to get the best out of teaming up with parents in your child’s class:

  • Ask your child’s teacher if there are any children in the class that has the same birthday month as your child.

  • A great way to get to know the Mums in the school playground is to see if anyone would like to team up, you never know who may dread their child’s next party and need a helping hand or someone may have not even thought about it yet.

  • Once you have a birthday party partner, you can get planning together, start with booking your children’s entertainer. I help both parents with anything they struggle with from choosing great venues to the best party bag ideas for your guests.

  • Next on the list is booking a hall, you may have your own idea or the other parent may know somewhere fantastic.  No matter where you book, just know you are cutting the costs in half by sharing the fees.

  • Budget for your child’s party as if you were booking it on your own and that way when it comes to splitting the cost at a joint party you will have money left over to either save or add extras to your party.

  • Compromise on theme, your birthday children may have different interests so choose something generic like rainbows or animals so it’s not specific and everyone is happy.

  • Make your entertainer aware that it’s a joint party so they can adapt to give them both star treatment.

  • Invite the whole class year so that no one is left out and if people can’t make it you will still have the majority turn up anyway.

  • By inviting the whole class, this is a great way to get to know everyone if it’s your child’s first year.

Half the stress, half the money, it’s a no brainer!

So if you are worried about what type of party you want for your child’s next party, share it with someone you’re comfortable with and of course, with someone your child likes too.

If you need a children’s entertainer in Essex, I would be more than happy to help, get in touch today to check my availability.

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