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How to Have a Stress Free Birthday Party

Stress free parties are possible even when your child comes home from school and announces to you that would like a birthday party out of the blue!

The thought of having a class full of friends running around a big hall at your expense fills you with dread but it doesn’t have to be like this, I promise you that a birthday party can be relaxing and memorable for the right reasons if you follow these tips:

Book your party at least three months in advance:  it may sound obvious but you’ll be surprised by how many last minute bookings I have and it’s so stressful for the Mum on the end of the phone to book a decent entertainer and venue at such short notice.  I don’t want this for you so by planning in advance, you can ensure your party runs smoothly and you can actually enjoy it with the birthday child plus you get a better choice of who and where you want to book.

Book your entertainer first then your venue: I know it doesn’t feel right to book it this way around but trust me, there is only one of me and hundreds of venues!  If you lose out on a good entertainer because they can’t do the times your venue is booked for then you are losing a vital part of keeping your party under control.  Book your entertainer first and they can also help you with choosing a good venue having been to loads in your area.

Don’t limit the amount of children to invite: by hiring a hall and an entertainer, you don’t have to limit how many children you invite so if your child wants to invite the whole class they can without anyone getting upset.  Paying per child works out expensive so this is also a cheaper way of doing things.

Find an entertainer who understands your needs: my two hour show is my best seller because it keeps the children occupied from beginning to end, there is no need for the guests to feel bored or run off, they are engaged from the start.  Not only this but I understand you may want to enjoy it with your child and keep the adults happy with good chat and food.  I find out what you need and adapt where I need to, whilst keeping the same show and principles for the children.  Not every entertainer is like this so do your research and read their reviews.

Keep the party simple: if you’re booking an entertainer, I promise you don’t need anything else.  It’s easy to get caught up with inflatables, soft play, face painters, mascots etc but this is not only expensive but can overwhelm the children rather than letting them enjoy it.  I let parents know that as an entertainer, I am all you need to keep the kids from being bored and actually enjoying themselves.

Send invites out at least four weeks in advance and make it easy for your guests to RSVP: one of the most stressful things about party planning is not having people respond back to you.  Make it easy for RSVP’s by having a WhatsApp group with all your guests in so they can just reply Yes or No.  Ask them in the school playground if they can make it, don’t leave them to it or they will forget.  You need to know numbers so you can arrange food and party bags but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t get back to you!

Party food: Keep it simple!  You don’t want too much for or too little so to avoid this happening, just order in pizza!  If you buy in bulk it’s cheaper and kids only want one or two slices.  Remember it’s a party and not a sit down meal.  Alternatively, you can order party boxes, one per child and fill with snacks such as crisps, raisins, biscuits and a drink.  Again, no one is expecting a full banquet, just something to keep their energy levels up!

Party bags: the running theme here is keeping it simple and the same goes for your party bags, when it works out one item per child the expense increases so try to bulk buy if you can, my guide to party bag ideas can be read at my other blog post.

If you apply some of or all these points, your party won’t be as stressful as it could be.

Just keep it simple, your child will be more than happy with whatever you choose to do to make their day special.

Get in touch today for more free advice or to check my availability for your next party.

Jelly Jade x

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