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Party Bags: Why They Can Be Easier Than You Think!

Party bags are the bane of my life when I plan my own children’s parties!

We have done everything from little tiny bags with all those rubbish toys inside, to pound shop activity packs, to sweet cones!

Party bags seem to be the one thing that really stresses us out with our party planning and is usually left to the last minute, and for good reason!

But having party bags at your child’s party doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

After speaking to lots of mums who have planned parties before, and small business owners who supply party bag ideas, I have put together an inspiring list of party bag ideas that won’t cost the earth and will leave your guests feeling happy and satisfied with their parting gift!

Confectionery –

Sweet cones, chocolate lollies, sweets, the list goes on for unique confectionery ideas and they seem to be the cheaper alternative.

However, they don’t last as long as a toy so they don’t have the memory making advantage as a party bag does.

Still, they are easy to give out, you can bulk buy to reduce the cost and they give you less stress having to pack an individual bag per child!

Plus you can personalise them with stickers for thank you messages.

Check out Sweet and Simple’s Facebook page for inspiration and ideas for party bags.

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Accessories –

Accessories are perfect for an all girl party, pamper party or a handful of friends and if I had girls, I would definitely go with the hair bow idea.

Michelle, from Hashtag Glam,  offers unique and bespoke hair bows which can be themed and personalised however you like.

I should know, I don’t buy my hair bows from anyone else!

Facebook page – Hashtag Glam

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Solving the boy issue –

When looking for party bag inspiration, it opened up a whole world of ideas.

From jewellery to keyrings, hair bows to notebooks!

The only problem I found with this was there wasn’t enough for boys!

To get round the lack of party bag ideas for boys, I much prefer to go with crayons!

This is by far, my favourite idea because crayons have the educational factor about them without children realising, they can be personalised and offer uniqueness about them, plus something to treasure and keep forever!

Facebook page – Funky Scribblers

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Laura, from Funky Scribblers, explains further about her crayons,

“Our handmade shaped crayons make a great fun and unique alternative to the usual chocolate/sweet fillers and shop bought party bag treats. With over 100 crayon shapes to choose from, packs can be custom made to match most party themes and also personalised to your own requirements.”

When I asked her about my concerns for the amount of children at a party and the expense this would bring, Laura explained how inexpensive this party idea can be.

” We offer a wide range of party favours to suit most budgets, with our cheapest and most popular favours starting from just 35p per crayon. Not only do we offer great prices but our crayons are of a very high quality which the kids will love. A great way to say ‘Thank you for coming to my party’ without having to spend a fortune on filling party bags with the usual bits and bobs.”

This is a total win for me and my needs, and if I received one of these as a guest, I would be really chuffed!  It makes a lovely keepsake from a party and again, also saves you wasting time filling up all those party bags.

Books –

I love the idea of giving out books as a party bag alternative and Usbourne books seem to be popular among parents.

However they can work out really expensive if bought separately.

For an inexpensive way of providing books, the pound shop do beautiful books too with a huge variety on authors.

Other Ideas –

Here are some other fabulous ideas that Mums said they had done before at previous parties:

  • Bulk buy t-shirts from Primark
  • Give out nail varnish or eye masks for pamper parties
  • Get children to make their own party gift such as paint your own money box or decorate a mask
  • Slime pots
  • Colouring packs
  • Small mugs with a teddy bear inside
  • Toot boxes with personalised labels on

Of course, if you really love the idea of traditional party bags, we are open to so many places that we can get these, from eBay to Amazon, Baker Ross to the pound shop.

But I am also a big believer in supporting small businesses and there are some amazing party bag businesses out there including some of the ones I have mentioned today so please pop them a visit.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped contribute to this blog.

Need more help with planning your party?  Check out the other blog posts I create to help you.

Jelly Jade xx


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