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5 Reasons Why You Need to Plan Your Child’s Party in Advance

Planning your child’s party in advance may seem an obvious thing to do, but so many parent’s leave it to the last minute which means the whole birthday experience isn’t a happy one!

As part of my mission to help you plan your child’s party, I am always telling my customers to plan their child’s party in advance.

The amount of enquiries I get at the last minute is shocking, and although it isn’t always a problem for me trying to squeeze your party in, I don’t want to squeeze you in!

I want to make sure you get the BEST customer service and the attention that you deserve leading up to your party.

But it isn’t about me so I have compiled five other reasons why you should plan your child’s party in advance… how long is ‘advance?’

Any less than three months and these reasons won’t usually apply –

1 – Finding the best in children’s entertainment will be easier – any good entertainer will be fully booked with a 6 month waiting list.  If you truly want top quality and value for money entertainment for your party, book your entertainer FIRST and book them with at least half a year’s notice!

2 – Finding a venue will be less stressful – the most common problem my customers have is finding a venue.  Whether it is inconvenient time slots, or really expensive halls, the longer you leave it to book one, the harder it will be to find one that suits your needs.

3 – Give your guests plenty of notice – once your entertainer and venue and is booked in, the next thing on your list is to get those invites out at least 3 months in advance.

This gives people plenty of time to get it in their diaries and not plan anything else!

4 – Booking in advance means you can sort out any problems that arise – by having your venue, entertainment and invites sent out, you can then focus on refining your party with food, decor and party bags.  If you leave it to the last minute, you will be running around paying for anything and this will stress you out and lose value in all the hard work you have been doing.

5 – Spending time with your child at their party – by planning in advance, this means that when it comes to the big day, you will most definitely find the time to enjoy it with the birthday child!  You may be seeing if your guests are fine, but you will feel more relaxed knowing how super organised you were and all it took was a bit of planning in advance!

No one is perfect and there will always be one or two hiccups when planning your party, plus money is always a huge factor when it comes to planning our kid’s party.

But when my son turned 4, I made the huge mistake of not planning anything and I had left it too late so we had to settle with what we could afford.

Last year, I booked his 6th birthday, nine months in advance!  We had the hall and entertainer booked so all I had to worry about was the rest and I felt much better for it!

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