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How to cater for Vegan guests at your next party.

When it comes to food at parties, it can be stressful enough trying to cater for everyone.

With most people turning to Veganism these days, I have made your life easier by asking parents what they have done at previous parties to cater for their vegan guests.

I am not a Vegan but my eyes have been opened since doing the research and I have realised that catering for Vegans doesn’t have to be as hard as you would imagine!

Why do I need to cater for Vegans?

With the growing rise in the number of people turning to Vegan food, it is important that your guests don’t feel upset that you haven’t met their needs.

It doesn’t mean that you have to single them out and provide a plate of Vegan food just for them but you can cater your whole party with Vegan food without your smallest of guests even knowing!

There is so much information out there, where do I start?

Don’t fret, I asked parents on several Facebook groups for advice, as not being vegan myself, even I didn’t know where to start!

It turns out that you only have to look at your local supermarket and they have dedicated aisles just to cover your needs!

Yes, even party food!

So, how do I cater for my guests, vegan-style?

Well, some of the food options I was told were basic things such as jam and Marmite sandwiches!

Plus carrots, cucumber and hummus which are all very easy to put together.

In terms of bread, 50/50 is vegan and you can get vegan butter to go with it.

Snack wise, there are surprisingly lots of things that I never even thought of as vegan such as party rings, and Oreos!

Tesco was recommended as the supermarket that supplies vegan sausages and meat free nuggets if you want to go down this route plus the Jus Rol range have plenty of pastry items that meets this criteria.

So if you were struggling before, it has never been easier to cater for vegans and your guests will thank you for thinking of them!

Download Vegan Food Checklist so you can have this in your hand ready to plan your party and tick off when you have those all important food items catered for!

Let me know how you get on and if you have any other super vegan ideas that I can share with other parents!

Thank you to Becci Halifax and parents on 8 out of 10 Mums Ask and Loughton Mums and Dads for providing the vital information!


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