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Why January is the Best Time to Book Your Child’s Party

It may seem obvious, but January is the best time to book your child’s birthday party, despite the pandemic still being a part of our lives.

Just because it seems obvious, doesn’t mean that all parent’s do this and the theme at the moment seems to be parent’s booking at the last minute because of the pandemic.

After recovering from Christmas, the last thing anyone wants to do is to think about booking a birthday party but my mission to help parent’s have a stress free party continues and I want to show you the benefits of booking your child’s party in January rather than two weeks before their birthday!

Benefits of booking your child’s birthday party in January:

Get the very best entertainer and venue before someone else does:  you have seen Jelly Jade at a party so you’re sure you can contact her nearer the time, except when you do she is fully booked!  The same for your venue, ringing around hundreds of halls in your area isn’t fun especially when venues make it so hard to get in touch with them.  By booking me and a hall in January, you can carry on with the rest of the year knowing you have secured the very best for your child’s party.

Worried about booking in a pandemic? Jelly Jade offers a deposit back guarantee should a Covid prevent your party from going ahead.

Let people know whilst they are organising their diaries:

By planning in advance, you can let your guests know at the beginning of the year so that they prioritise you and won’t book in anything else on that date!

Beat the rush:

Especially if your child has a summer, Easter or Christmas holiday, beat the busiest times of the year by booking in your entertainer and venue now before they become saturated with bookings from others.

Have other children, work, responsibilities?  It’s one less thing to take care of!

If, like me, you have more than one child plus juggling work or staying at home, a social life or funds, booking your child’s party in January means you only have to pay a deposit to secure the booking and you can sit back feeling smug knowing you have ticked off at least one thing on your to do list!

Now who doesn’t want to feel relaxed, smug and relieved knowing they have taken care of one of the stressful things to organise throughout the year?

I know we planned our son’s 4th birthday in January ready for September.  Despite telling all his school friends, they still forgot, it clashed with someone else’s party (that they booked after ours) and I was still worried no one would come but it all worked out well in the end because I planned in advance!  If I had done it in August, everyone was on holiday so it would have been a disaster!

You can book a good children’s entertainer right now, Jelly Jade takes just a £50 deposit and you don’t have to pay the rest until 5 days before your party!
Get in touch with Jelly Jade to check my availability.

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